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Het is jammer dat deze Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps geen van de minpuntjes uit het uitstekende Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to Berlin onder handen heeft genomen - zoals de gebrekkige AI in het singleplayergame. Desondanks is het een heel fun turn-based oorlogsstrategiegame met heel diverse en tankvriendelijke omgevingen.
Out Of Eight (Oct 20, 2005)
Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps is a good game, but it’s also the same as Combat Mission: Barbarrossa to Berlin. Same graphics. Same sounds. Same AI. Same gameplay. Same overall features. New missions, which means Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps is really just a stand-alone expansion pack of CMBB, which is fine if that’s all you’re looking for. The game still has the small AI shortcomings the previous game had, but the game is still fun to play, it’s just not different at all. If you’ve never play a Combat Mission game before, this would be the place to start, especially if you want to play the underrepresented Mediterranean theatre. Previous owners of any Combat Mission game will not find anything new here other than the missions, and a strong sense of déja vu will dominate the game. Sure, they skinned the user interface from green to red to reflect the predominately desert environments, but I don’t consider a color change a new feature.
CanardPC (Feb 11, 2004)
C'est moche comme tout, un cauchemar à prendre en main, mais c'est le meilleur wargame tactique du moment. Il est évident que beaucoup de joueurs se jetteront par la fenêtre tellement les graphismes et l'interface donnent envie de se suicider. Mais les gros acharnés du genre qui survivront aux premières heures s'éclateront alors à rejouer les batailles italiennes et africaines de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Un jeu riche, épais comme une bonne soupe, mais tellement rébarbatif que seuls les wargameux purs et durs pourront apprécier.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2004)
Einsteiger werden am hohen Detail- und Schwierigkeitsgrad verzweifeln. Doch Profis stellt Combat Mission 3 vor interessante Herausforderungen — auch wenn die Grafik wenig Sehenswertes bietet. Die akribische Analyse der Echtzeit-Szenen macht Strategie-Veteranen Spaß. Doch warum muss ich das extrem wichtige 213-seitige Handbuch gesondert ausdrucken? Diese Spieler-Feindlichkeit bestrafen wir mit einem Wertungsabzug von 5 Prozentpunkten.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb, 2004)
Von szenariobedingten Veränderungen (auf sandigem Terrain verraten Staubwolken die gegnerischen Positionen) einmal abgesehen, gibt es für Kenner des anderthalb Jahre alten zweiten Teils nicht viel Neues zu entdecken. Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps kann auch Profistrategen bei weitem nicht mehr so lange motivieren wie die Vorgängen. Es wird Zeit, dass die Entwickler die vorsintflutliche Engine einstampfen und einen Neubeginn wagen.
GameSpy (Mar 25, 2004)
A much worse persistent problem is the A.I., which is still so bad that at times it's hard to recommend Combat Mission as anything other than a multiplayer game. The enemy A.I.'s behavior consists of either sitting in one place or rushing straight at you, with no evidence of any tactical considerations like flanking, using the terrain, or laying ambushes. It's telling that many of the scenario briefings explain that the A.I. isn't quite up to the task, so you should either play multiplayer or give the A.I. a bonus. This is, to be fair, a common failing among wargames, but it's another example of how Big Time Software's continuing work on the series occasionally misses the forest for the trees. Combat Mission is still a superlative achievement in the annals of wargaming, but Afrika Korps is more like an expensive reiteration than an attempt to address any of the series' shortcomings.
Combat Mission’s pedigree as the game that forever altered wargaming remains unchanged. The simultaneous-movement system that brought the 3D battlefield to life without trivializing it remains unchanged. Unfortunately, the game engine remains unchanged as well. The graphics are upgraded but still feel dated, and in the absence of any gameplay improvements, Combat Mission: Afrika Korps feels suspiciously like a scenario pack.