Combat Mission: Shock Force - Marines Credits


Game DesignCharles Moylan, Stephen Grammont
ProgrammingCharles Moylan
The Battlefront TeamCharles Moylan, Stephen Grammont, Dan Olding, Matt Faller, Fernando J. Carrera Buil, Tim Orosz, Martin van Balkom
User Interface DesignStephen Grammont, Charles Moylan, Jean-Vincent Roy
Scenario MakersKip Anderson, Thomas Daxner, Mark Ezra, James Goodman, Stephen Grammont, Jean-Charles Hare, George McEwan, Jon Sowden, Martin van Balkom, Thomas C. West
Special Thanks go out toJon Sowden (for his tireless work on coordinating the construction of the Campaign!)
Game ManualStephen Grammont, Martin van Balkom
ArtworkMarco Bergman, Mike Duplessis, Gordon Molek, Dan Olding (Kwazydog), Jean-Vincent Roy
Sound DesignMatt Faller
VoicesWyatt Barnett, Matt Faller, Eric Henshaw, Jeff Weatherspoon
TestersKip Anderson, Elmar Bijlsma, David Blakey, John Costello, Phillip Culliton, Thomas Daxner, Mike Duplessis, Mark Ezra, Andy Farley, Mark Gibson, James Goodman, Jean-Charles Hare, Jeff Hoolihan, Cassio Lima, George McEwan, Matthew Merrell, Max Molinaro, Wesley Netcher, John Osborne, Mike Steiger, Dmytro Stepanchuk, Martin van Balkom, Thomas C. West, Tom Wilcox

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)