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Gamepyre (2008)
Sometimes twenty bucks ends up getting you a bargain, sometimes the money is wasted and sometimes you end up somewhere in between. Combat Wings - Battle of Britain had a lot of potential but threw it all away by not incorporating joystick controls in a World War II flight simulator. I tried flying with the mouse and I crashed and burned time after time and I gave the keyboard a shot, and although it was not as bad as the mouse controls, I just could no get myself into the game.
Combat Wings: Battle Of Britain is a fun and entertaining air combat title. It won't satisfy or appeal to a hard core simulator fanatic, but for those of us who like to jump into an action heavy dogfight it can be rewarding. There are some controller issues which mean it will be most rewarding with keyboard and mouse, but for those who find this type of game appealing then there is much to recommend. Hopefully we see more from developer City Interactive, because their budget games keep getting stronger with every release.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 28, 2008)
At the end of the day, Combat Wings cannot compete with the more sophisticated games on the market, but it is not intended to. It is designed to be an easy-to-learn, fun-to-play aerial combat diversion, and in that mission it is successful.
IGN (Jan 05, 2009)
Like many budget-priced games and most City Interactive titles we've seen, Combat Wings: Battle of Britain suffers from a lack of quality control and depth. And it definitely won't satisfy those who prefer a simulation style of air combat. Nevertheless, it's the best flying game we've seen from this developer to date and a spirited look at WWII dogfighting that should bring a smile to anyone with an itchy trigger finger and a hankering for action.
60 (Jan 09, 2009)
As long as it is cheap and if you want to get someone an easy fun game who just does not have the computing power or know how, then this game is perfect. If you see it on the way out of the store at a bargain price, you will get your money’s worth. Also included on the game DVD is the original Combat Wings and World War II Pacific Heroes. I personally would not pay premium price for this bundle but for a bargain I would. As for replay value, I see it as questionable based on the nostalgia of the player. If you are a history buff as myself then yes I would replay this once beaten, but nothing I would commit to my PC for extended periods of time.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2006)
Die Luftschlacht um England als Actionballerei. In Combat Wings - Battle of Britan holen Sie in abwechslungsreichen Missionen im Alleingang die gesamte Luftwaffe vom Himmel. Ihre Flügelmänner treffen dabei nichts außer Wolken- Für 15 Minuten macht das durchaus Spaß, danach spielen Sie lieber Blazing Angels
PC Powerplay (Nov, 2005)
Für mich müssen Flugsimulationen nicht unbedingt realistisch sein. Ich mag Crimson Skies, Heroes of the Pacific und Secret Weapons over Normandy. Aber Combat Wings fehlt das meiste, was mir bei den Konkurrenten gefällt. Abwechslungsreiche Missionen beispielsweise oder atmosphärische Zwischensequenzen. Immerhin: Die Dauerballerei macht zumindest so lange Laune, bis ich wieder drei Mal hintereinander an der gleichen Mission scheitere. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad schwankt zwischen simpel und knallhart.
JustPressPlay (Dec 12, 2008)
This game is just bugged out and has just too many problems to be called a decent flight game. Combat Wings has just real severe problems and cannot make up for it at all. The actual flying which is about 90%of the game is just way too glitchy for any average gamer. Honestly with Blazing Angels and other games like that out there this game just doesn’t have the raw power that a flight game needs. Combat Wings picks a pretty decent campaign to work with in the Battle of Britain, but beyond the decent graphics this game is flawed to the tip. The biggest problem for the game is simply the inability to fly correctly. Without the ability to fly in a simple form, for anybody it is really a challenge to get into the game itself. Without a decent flight style and with a rough learning curve for the gamer this game is just too buggy to recommend.