Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (Windows)

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Kane's back - for the last time?
The mission briefing is very simple this time around.
The engineers are faking a pipeline-repair.
My infantry troops attack some NOD-guys.
That GDI-mech has no chance against my NOD-troops.
"Get an engineer! It's time for harvest."
My Spider Tank collected some Tiberium.
A TCN Hub being captured for NOD.
Heavy fighting with a dark shadow looming in the background.
A support crawler (left) and a offense crawler (right) fighting it out.
Upgraded my units with a range boost.
An enemy support crawler is about to explode.
Typical GDI: camping at an TCN Hub.
Up close the graphics look somewhat decent.
The NOD are digging for a Mammoth Tank.
Defending a relay-station with everything I got.
Why do non-contralable factions always get the coolest units?
Group picture - please smile!
The Mastadon is one of the GDI's strongest units.
Your commander during the GDI-campaign is an annoying woman.
Shield generators - nothing is more annoying.
That's what I call a good mission: got a lot of achievements and gained a lot of EXP, leading to a higher level.
Engineers are always important.
Kane inside the game - looks pretty ugly, doesn't he?
Heavy fighting results in upgrade-modules scattered around the battlefield.
I'm halfway through level eight and my tech-trees are looking good.
Got an achievement. Sadly GfWL isn't supported...
I guess my Zone Trooper is as good as dead.
Main title.
The future looks grim and filled with deadly tiberium minerals.
Your arsenal depends on the rank you carry.
Attacking the Nod obelisks.
Your units can gain ranks by collecting various crates you can find scattered around the map.
Select your superior commander.
Due to limited number of units you can build, some missions can drag with status quo for a long long long time.
Fighting in the city area.
Your infantry would be mowed down by a gatling turret if it weren't for your medics.
Repair engineers are as vital as your assault vehicles.
Your wife seems to be worried about what's happening to you.
Sometimes, you won't have to fight alone.
Upgraded major unit can shift a balance of power on the battlefield.
Zoomed in onto a GDI aerial unit.
Tiberian Twilight shaped EA logo
Kane is arriving to the GDI council with a proposal
Placing your base defenses
Taking out Nod flyers with Mastodon tank walkers
Breaking through the turret defenses at the top of the stairs
Your wife is informing you of her position