Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero:Hour Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Generic loading screen.
First shot of the opening cine
Shot of the opening cine
Another shot of the cine
Title screen
Main menu
Intro cine to a USA mission
USA Logo shown during the final loading of a mission
A shot of the B-3 during the mission intro
A top view of the B-3's destructive power
3 Chinooks dropping off the insertion team for the mission
2 GLA Combat Cycles patrolling, they don't see the 2 Pathfinders
2 Pathfinders taking out some GLA terrorists
2 Sentry Drones taking out a GLA Scorpion tank
Col. Burton taking out a GLA tunnel
2 Raptors taking off during an intro to another mission
The GLA ready to move out for another mission
GLA bikers on the move... you can order them to dismount, destroying the bike in the process leaving you with regular infantry
US naval base somewhere in Northern Europe, seconds before the nuclear strike
Capturing the railway station
Surprising the GLA troops by exiting with tanks from the train they were expecting will carry another nuclear missile for them
Calling in artillery support from the nearby destroyers
By blowing up the mountain, you'll create an avalanche that will destroy the chemical factory
You will have to use fore-fire (CTRL + left mouse click) if you want to hit something with occupied gun turret
Calling in an air strike... A-10 Warthog bombers are fast and can destroy most of the buildings in a single run
New type of air strike for Zero Hour lets you control the point of fire by a heavy-caliber machine-gun
You have to capture these missiles before Dr. Anthrax launches them at your cities
US forces are chasing a GLA general with a light escort
For a better view of the battlefield, you can close the command bar and start using shortcut keys as a replacement
Capture certain buildings to get constant tank reinforcements
Searching for fellow commander somewhere in Egypt
The first step to playing a multiplayer game.
The next step after finding a game is joining it. Not too hard.
If you're lucky enough to get through the connection, you come here and wait.
there's no limit to how many super weapons you can have.
the end of one of the new 'generals challenges'
The Emperor tank, China's big, powerful and upgradeable tank, on the offensive.
The defensive line, hard at work.
US naval base
Taking off a carrier
Enemy paratroopers assault during the night
The carrier is going down
Chinese airfield stocked with fighters