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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Windows)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
New campaigns.
Soviet infantry arriving at the docks, camouflaged in an old fishing boat.
Soviet new desolator units are deadly for the infantry.
Loading screen.
Soviet tanks taking out the objective, a Futuretech facility.
Nothing passes by a bunch of fully promoted Flak Troopers.
Soviet Stingrays sinking Allied carrier.
Dreadnoughts are deadly at long range
Futuretech trying to cover their tracks after being obliterated and exposed.
Protecting the island against the treacherous imperial forces.
"I've got a present for ya!", but there's no Havoc around to confirm it.
Using Allied superweapon on the enemy base.
Allied Cryo Legionnaires freeze everything that comes along, and frozen targets are easily broken.
Seems like all of the emperor's generals don't like the idea of following the next in line, his son.
The new flying fortress of the Empire will obliterate your forces if you don't react quickly.
Fortifying your position against all kinds of attack.
Imperial transport can take shape of any enemy mechanical unit... but somehow I doubt Soviet forces wouldn't find this suspicious.
New Steel Ronin units protecting the sacred place.
Soviet navy is approaching our positions.
Using game's bug to muster forces for the invasion.
There is never enough energy, although building it all in one place is not such a good idea.
Using new battle fortress units to sink meddling Allies.
Introducing some new units.
Raining terror from the sky with latest technology weapons.
Starting bonus Yuriko campaign.
Playing as Yuriko with fixed camera feels more like an action-rpg.
Yuriko can take down entire enemy forces alone.
Breaking free... it's time to obliterate this base before proceeding further.