Written by  :  Dr. Elementary (299)
Written on  :  Dec 19, 2001
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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The apex of the C&C franchise.

The Good

It doesn't take much under the hood to run this game. The graphics aren't flashy but they get the job done and were pretty good at the time.

The multiplayer is where this game shines. Although there is really only one way to play (make tanks then attack), it is still somehow highly addictive and extremely fun, despite the fact that every game was the same. The action is fast from the start of a game, and missing one second can cost you the game. The controls are easy, and you won't waste any time trying to remember what to push to do a certain thing.

Games can be over in less the two minutes or can last a couple hours, depending on what map you choose to play on. The in game map maker helped keep this gaming going for as long as it has, because the most popular maps came out of that, not the maps that came with the game.

It was (see below) really easy to find a game and start playing right away, and when done with that game you could move right on to another without delay.

The multiplayer server is clean, simple, and easy to use. It rarely lags or crashes, and has no bugs.

The Bad

However, hardly anyone plays it anymore, so the whole reason for buying it, the multiplayer, has fizzled.

The single player missions were only average, but the nice pace kept me going till I finished them. Albeit a year after I bought it (why do single player when you can play multi?). The AI itself is horrible, but because of the way most missions are set up you don't notice. However, when you go to play a skirmish game, it is glaringly obvious. Beating the AI is like taking candy from a baby; incredibly easy.

Hardly any units were usable, and the dominant strategy by far was to pump tanks and run over your opponent with them. After a few years that gets boring, and not even new maps can save it.

Recently a rash of cheating has popped up, and RA is too old for Westwood to try to fix any of the cheats. The only way to know you're not being cheated on is to play a friend.

The Bottom Line

A fast and furious game. Very one dimensional but the multiplayer is a blast.