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Advertising Blurbs

Press Release:

    Westwood Studios Challenges Online Gamers to be the Sole Survivor

    New Online Game Now Available for Play
    on Westwood's Free Online Gaming Network

    Las Vegas, NV, December 8, 1997 -- Westwood Studios today announced the release of Command & Conquer Sole Survivor Online for Windows 95. The game is now available at major software outlets. Sole Survivor, the latest installment in Westwood's highly successful Command & Conquer product line, can be played off-line in practice mode or online against other players on the company's free online gaming network, Westwood Online. Live players simultaneously compete on one of Sole Survivor's many multiplayer maps. Westwood Online tracks each game and provides automatic ranking so players can compete in tournaments and contests to determine who will be the ultimate Sole Survivor.

    "Sole Survivor gives C&C fans a new way to play Command & Conquer," said Brett W. Sperry, president of Westwood Studios. "This is a completely different game concept. By giving each player a single unit to control, combat is more intense than ever before. With Westwood Online supplying a vast host of potential adversaries, Sole Survivor is likely to be an online favorite."

    In Sole Survivor, players select a single unit from a list of over 20 (including mammoth Tanks, Rocket bikes, Commandos, Artillery and many more.) Once selected, players command their units in a fast paced contest of combat against other live players. To gain a competitive advantage and customize their units, players race to find power-up crates scattered throughout the battlefield. The crates enhance unit characteristics, including speed and weapon strength, and provide other benefits, such as first aid and stealth capabilities. Players should be warned, however, that some crates contain booby traps that can damage or even destroy their unit.

    In Sole Survivor, players are free to engage one another in battle join teams with other players. Sole Survivor will also feature a skirmish mode against computer opponents to allow players to sharpen their skills before going online. Westwood is planning to support Sole Survivor with exciting contests, competitions and promotions.

    System Requirements
    Sole Survivor is available for PC's equipped with Windows 95, Pentium CPU, 8MB of RAM, 30MB HD space, 2x speed CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card, and 1 MB local bus Microsoftr DirectDraw compatible video card. A 28.8 modem or direct Internet connection required for Internet play.

    Command & Conquer Sole Survivor is now available at all major software outlets. The product can also be ordered directly from Westwood via the company's Web site, or by calling 1-800-874-4607. Virgin Interactive is the exclusive worldwide distributor for all Westwood Studios products.

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    Westwood Studios is a prominent publisher of best-selling PC, Macintosh and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has released several popular titles including: Dune II, the Lands of Lore series, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Monopoly for the Internet, Blade Runner and the Command & Conquer product line, which has sold over 6 million units worldwide since its debut in 1995. Westwood Studios is a subsidiary of Virgin Interactive Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Spelling Entertainment Group Inc. (NYSE: SP).

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Box Cover Back (US):
    Will you be the Sole Survivor?

    No vast armies to command this time, soldier. Strap on your gear and step out onto the battlefield. With one unit under your control, challenge dozens of players to a last-man-standing free-for-all. It's not just the size of your gun that matters, either. Quick thinking is just as important as excessive force if you want to be the Sole Survivor.

  • All new power-ups such as rapid fire, extra armor, shroud all and increased shot power (just to name a few) make units more formidable than ever before

  • Choose from over 15 different death-dealing units-from the agile Recon Bike to the earth-shaking Mammoth Tank

  • Play on the largest Command & Conquer maps ever created

  • Multiple heart-pumping battle arenas including Capture the Flag, Football, and Dinos Only with several ways to play such as limited lives, timed games and lethal Ion Cannon shots

  • Choice of Internet service provider sign-up kits for easy and instant Internet access

  • Auto update feature constantly adds new channels and options that keep the game fresh and exciting

    "After playing a few games of Sole Survivor... we were hooked"
    -- Elliott Chin, Action/Strategy Editor, Computer Gaming World

    "He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious."
    -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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