Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Sep 19, 2001
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The exact opposite of the masterpiece Command and Conquer

The Good

This concept is odd. Try mixing Doom and C&C, and you get this. The game is pretty simple, each player is spawned on the map with one unit. You get points for killing others, and you respawn if you get killed.

To be honest, there is some fun in the game, you'll probably enjoy for much as an hour, but after that you'll get bored, which gets to the next paragraph...

The Bad

It's shit. Just think about the concept, the control of your unit consists of two commands, move or attack. That's it, if you attack an unit you'll just sit back and pray you'll win, there's no interaction, there's no challenge, it's only based on how many boxes (containing powerups) you find and what unit you chose at the beginning. The game is plainly boring.

The Bottom Line

Why Westwood decided to commercially sell this seperately is beyond me. I would actually praise them if they included this game as an extra multiplayer mode in C&C, then I could say that Westwood was nice to include an original play mode which would at least be fun for a little while. Right now I just feel that Westwood is just out of their mind to make a game like this. The bottom line is simple: do not buy this.