Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Short intro animation that appears before the menu (also the only cinematic in the game).
Main Menu/Main Title
Help gives you a scoop into all you can encounter on the battlefield.
Tracks for this game are taken from original C&C and Red Alert, and remixed and a bit changed, but kept in the same style and atmosphere.
This game has voice themes that will use as narration thing whenever you're attacked, or you pick up something, etc..
These 23 units are at your disposal to command (only one of them per game, though).
Beside enemy players and computer AI, you can encounter known defense turrets from C&C game.
Sidebars show statistics and your upgraded stuff (longer green line means more upgraded that thing is).
When in practice mode, I've a feeling all AI units are against you, though.
This is completely off-balance C&C game, so commando can be quite ineffective as a unit, even against enemy infantry.