Command & Conquer (Special Gold Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
(Intro shot) Someone seems to messing up with the channels... and there are rather a lot of them. Was that a cable or sat!? ;))
(Intro shot) UN building seems to be a spot for Nod terrorist actions.
Choosing side. It can be Global Defense Initiative (the good guys) or Brotherhood of NOD (bad guys).
Playing for GDI, your supreme commander will be General Sheppard.
As for the Nod side, the Kane will be your leader and mind behind all the wicked secret operations.
As GDI commander, you'll be fighting on European grounds.
As Nod fanatic, you'll wreck havoc on African grounds.
It all started by a small invasion on the northern Europe.
Some missions are to quick infiltrate the enemy base and steal tech stuff, but it's not just easy trying to find a weak spot to enter the Nod base.
Tiberium fields are known to be toxic for your troops, so best idea is to put them in your APC for passing through.
Sometimes it's better to engineer enemy building then to level it, as it can give you a key to enemy weapon arsenal production.
Destroying church is far from humanitarian, but it can be rather rewarding somethimes, money-wise.
Nod truck and the rest of the base in flames shows there will be no prisoners.
Last point of battle is always enlarged and you can choose from which side will you lead an attack.
Nod wouldn't be terroristic organization if they wouldn't have some really terrorizing units.
Three GDI Hum-Vees approaching on the Nod Obelisk.
In-game option menu.
Ready to takeover the GDI base with an engineer.
Attack on the enemy tiberium refinery and silo.
All you need for successful attack and defense, the rest is up to units and strategy.
Well protected Nod base... except from that rocky mountains side.
Building an Obelisk Guard Tower, the most powerful defense installation in the game.
Some enemies to kill
Enemy base, time to capture the builds
Enemy has a anti-air, grenadiers must destroy it.
source of Tiberium
Nod destroy small village in africa
NOD begins mission, base is building.
My last car is burning...
A-10 Warthogs in action
Allied troops on the ground reporting their status
Capturing enemy base lets you produce enemy units in your color
The only mission map with some snow traces, unlike RA, C&C does not feature snow terrain
When you don't have the construction yard, each of your buildings are very precious
Only engineer can take over the prison intact
Nod light tanks
Tanks close to the river can attack enemy boats when in range
Nod stealth tank
Attacking village with a stolen GDI Orca helicopter
Kane is letting you select the test site for the Ion Cannon
Skirmish mode lets you produce otherwise unable to produce units and select color for your units and buildings