Written by  :  Jay Gand (43)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2003
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Misunderstood GREAT game! Forget other reviews, Probably best online multiplayer westwood game, Great air forces in this game!

The Good

This game had very imaginative units with distinctive looks and feel, from the GDI titans and Mammoth Mark II with the Starwars Return of Jedi look to them. They also had slow air bombers. GDI had the feeling of being a brute military force. They took longer to build their base but for the most part their units were stronger and slower. Now Nod had a very different look and feel to their design. They had units like the sneaky Cyborg Commando and subterrain transports, as well as stealth technology that allowed them to cloak. They also had quick UFO design planes with a weaker attack. Their units were in general fast and had weak armor, were very sneaky, and they built a base faster. This worked effectively and each had different strategies to their winning. This made for some fun multiplayer people, and since that is what this game was meant for then everyone who reviewed it without playing online forget about your review. This game surpassed Starcraft in many aspects. Westwood online offered a tournament and players could compete for rank and for 1st place that offered actual prizes. Also this game was not the mindless lets build mammoth tanks (tanks,tankstanks) and send them like other westwood games. It had strategy and you could rush someone who totally ignored a certain defense in the first 4 mins of game and win. Gdi had air transports for their super base destroying units. Of course this could easily be defended and if it didnt work u were done. So that was 1 strategy, others were for go for a quick air rush, you could go all out on defense for the base and prepare for a longer game as well. Nod had similar rush methods involving underground surprise attacks but could be stopped as well by a good player in which case he would win as the other player would be in shambles for money. There was more strategy to this game than most RTS as certain units worked great against certain things. A GDI disruptor only worked good on buildings not units, etc... Most people didnt notice this and said I miss mindless sending tanks and didnt see the depth of multiplayer gaming in this one. It was actually like chess but better. So after this westwood met the demand and since has put out WORSE AND WORSE GAMES year after year. It went Red Alert2, Yuri, Renegade, Emperor BAttle for dune etc.etcetc. The only thing great about singleplayer is the great movies but Westwood usually does pretty good job on those.

The Bad

Ok as for gameplay etc in singleplayer it wasnt the best of the Westwood games. Story was bad and most missions you didnt feel real strategy to take out your opponent. But multiplayer made up for this. No naval units, but that doesnt detract from the game but would prob lessen it anyways. I didnt much care for naval units in most westwood games. In very long games bases and defenses can become overwhelmingly tough, but not more than any game ie.. StarCraft, Red Alerts etc

The Bottom Line

Awhile ago this game and Starcraft used to be the funnest online RTS games out there. Just as CC1 was fun as well at one time. Overall I'd say CC1 is the best command & conquer then its succesor, Tiberian Sun. Red Alert series is next and didn't offer as much in strategy. This game is great and marked the end of the Westwood era of great online gaming. I now just hope Blizzard doesnt sell out like WW did and quit putting the TLC in the games. my mobyscore would be 4.0