Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (Windows)

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Screenshots

Windows version

Opening FMV shows real WWII footage
German Stukas in real WWII footage
Main menu
You can easily drive a truck ingame
You can dive or take a rubber boat across the river.
Green lights shows how far the guard can see
Mission info screen
Watch out for the gunboat
Blown up the tanks to complete mission 2
Time to reach the safe point
Briefing, mission 3
Look at the tracks in the snow to see the guards' patrolling routes
Silently approach from behind with a Commando to use the knife
Looking for a way to destroy the dam
2 men dead in this mission
mission 4 briefing
the map for mission 4
Sniper in action
im going to use my sniper-scope
objective achieved for mission 4, the hq is blown up
making an escape at the end of a successful mission 4
mission 5 briefing
a pile of dead Nazis
the cable car
the mission objective, the radar station
using the aerogyro to escape
mission 6 briefing
mission completed
You can zoom out to see almost the entire map, though scrolling will go slower then.
Or you can zoom in and get a feeling like if you're playing in 320x200 resolution.
Great thing is that you can observe several locations at once with map-splitter.
Hard to join this bridge
Last level
"Ideal" place for support