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Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty Credits


Original ConceptJorge Blanco, Ignacio Pérez Dolset, Gonzalo Suárez
Project LeaderGonzalo Suárez
Game DesignGonzalo Suárez
Software DesignJavier Arévalo, Jon Beltrán De Heredia Olazábal, Gonzalo Suárez
Lead Programming (Logic)Jon Beltrán De Heredia Olazábal
Lead Programming (Technology & Consoles)Javier Arévalo
Programming (Technology)Alex Camaño Alonso
Programming (A.I.)Fernando José Colomer Pérez, Elisa Fernández Alonso
Programming (Tools)José Maria Calvo, Arturo R. Montesinos, Julián Pérez
Programming (Missions)José Maria Calvo, Fernando José Colomer Pérez
Programming (Internal Engine)Vicente Ribes
Programming (User Interface & Allies)Jaime Cifuentes Olivares
Programming (Physics, Sound)Arturo R. Montesinos
Programming (Net)Unai Landa, Arturo R. Montesinos
Programming (3D Support)Unai Landa
Programming (Vehicles and Behavior)Francisco Ismael Raya Roa
Programming (Video Engine & Effects)Pablo Toledo
Chief Graphics Artist & Graphics DesignJorge Blanco
Graphics ArtistsJavier Abad, Humberto Cuenca, Óscar Cuesta, Daniel Estival Hernández, Jorge Fernández, José F. Bermejo Fernández Salinero, Fernando Huélamo, Javier Soler
Additional GraphicsRafael Barraso, Javier García-Lajara Herrero, Marcos Matías Martínez Carvajal
Video PostHarmonia Carmona
Chief Mission DesignArmando Sobrado Cros
Mission DesignJorge Luis Sánchez
Character DesignJorge Luis Sánchez
Lead TesterJorge Luis Sánchez
TestersAlexandre Lepoureau, Gavin Skinner, Franklin Vasquez
Eidos UK CompatibilityJason Walker
MusicMateo Pascual
ProducersMichael Souto, Eric W. Adams
Special Thanks ToHolly Andrews, Rafael Barraso, Rafael Cobo, José María Espona, Ismael Garcia, Asier Hernáez, John Kavanagh, Alfredo Martín, Philip Morris, Jorge Gómez Mourelle, James Poole, Javier Reyes, Pedro Ruiz, Ricardo Sanchez, Guillermo Toston Bartolome, Tim Weaver, Javier García-Lajara Herrero, Michael Keane
Graphics (Manual)Peter Bagney
Eidos Interactive (UK Producer)Michael Souto
Eidos Interactive (US Producer)Eric W. Adams
Eidos Interactive (Senior Producer)Grant Dean
Eidos Interactive (UK QA Manager)Tony Bourne
Eidos Interactive (US QA Manager)Michael McHale
Eidos Interactive (UK QA Tester)Alexandre Lepoureau, Tom Murton, Gavin Skinner
Eidos Interactive (US QA Tester)Franklin Vasquez
Eidos Interactive (US QA Lead Tester)John Arvay
Eidos Interactive (US QA Lead Tester and Manual)Gary LaRochelle
Eidos Interactive (Localisation Manager)Flavia Timiani-Dean
Eidos Interactive (Localisation Co-Ordinator)Holly Andrews
Eidos Interactive (UK Product Manager)Karen Ridley
Eidos Interactive (US Product Manager)Sacha Fernandes
Eidos Interactive (Marketing Executive)Lorna Evans
Eidos Interactive (UK PR Manager)Jonathan Rosenblatt
Eidos Interactive (US PR Manager)Gary Keith Brubaker
Eidos Interactive (Eidos Development Support)Rose Montgomery
Eidos Interactive (Technical Wizard)Lee Briggs
Eidos Interactive (Creative Services Manager)Rashon Chowdhury
UK Manual DesignA.C.E.

Eidos Interactive Germany

Marketing DirectorBeco Mulderij
Marketing ManagerMarcus Behrens
Localization ManagerLars Wittkuhn
Localization AssistantSören Winterfeldt
PR ManagerSascha Green-Kaiser
Voice RecordingHastings Music GmbH, Matthias Lührsen
Audio EngineerPeter Schmitt

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Credits for this game were contributed by コナン (82788), formercontrib (157703), -Chris (7347), Xoleras (66180) and Jason Walker (1744)