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Main menu
An M10 Tank Destroyer coming up on the flanks of a German Stug Tank
The same M10 Tank as before from a different angle. Also notice that the game allows you to come down to eye-level instead of the standard bird's-eye view.
A devastating Axis V1 Bomb Attack! -- Ouch!
Like most RTS games, you begin skirmish with some units and a single building.
The tactical map gives a battlefield overview; you are blue.
The tactical map is also live; the red wrench icon has been making its way southeast.
The yellow cone is the gun's field of view; anything outside of it can't be attacked.
A squad of riflemen on the prowl.
Capture Points give you more territory, and more resources (manpower, fuel, munitions).
The fog of war shows you the overall area, but not what is in the area.
American riflemen are duking it out with a German squad.
Command points are earned through experience, which will let you unlock one of three paths.
Airborne commanders will let you call in paratroopers, bombers, and support, when you've amassed enough experience.
Civilian houses, like this, can be garrisoned, or turned into a field barracks, to extend your territory.
Bombs aren't just for show; the crates left behind can be used as cover. The yellow dots indicate minimal cover.
The jeep isn't powerful, but it's great for scouting and running down snipers who can't attack up close.
The red exclamation means retreat, and he's retreating for good reason; came with six, he's leaving alone.
Well, he kicked my ass.
The end of every skirmish or multiplayer game gives you an overview, such as this.
Setting up a skirmish game between myself an expert opponent.
Loading screens have a different background.
The colored lines indicate where my territory ends (blue) and the Axis territory begins.
A bombing run can be deadly.
If you go waaaay close to the field, you will see how amazing the attention to detail is.
Main HQ established.
A shot showing the modeling of the Cherbourg port! Brilliant job!
Cruising the streets of ruined Cherbourg and looking for some action.
The red tablets with the white cross indicate that squad members are now healing.
Our engineers did it again. High explosives on that door and now it's only a click away from blasting that shutter to pieces.
Relic has done an excellent job on the cut-scenes.
One-on-one tank duel: the Sherman vs the STUG.
One of the game's nice gimmicks is the freedom of the viewing camera that can get up close to action.
A flamethrower-version Sherman is available for those Sunday BBQs, well it's pretty neat on German infantry too :)
One of the many beautiful loading screens
Establishing a base of operations in the French country!
The Germans broke our defense lines and are marching across to our side.
Trying to defend that bridge against STUGS with only machine guns! Ask that guy in the air what happens then! :)
If you want to reorganize your garden call the Germans to do it for you! As you can see the German remote artillery explosions are shockingly massive!
War machines never looked so cozy

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