Condemned: Criminal Origins Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This is what happens if you rip off a gas-pipe from the wall.
Main Menu.
Load Screens show you current news as well as tips.
Title sequence, Someone really liked "Se7en."
Opening sequence. All cutaways and clips blend fairly well and are all in-game.
As with any game there is a starter tutorial that slowly goes away as you get further into the game.
Get used to this dark gloomy and dirty setting. You'll be seeing a lot of it.
Creepy scenes abound.
At the end of each mission you'll be given your stats as well as a list of rewards you've unlocked. Rewards include; making-of art, pre-production videos etc.
The game world is incredibly detailed, however there are inconsistencies with interactivity.
One of the mêlée weapons is a mannequin arm. Here you are in the old train station.
Er...sorry guys.
There are scripted events in the game such as moving furniture that can really startle you.
Here's what it looks like to be shot with a shotgun.
When you've beaten your foe down a bit you can "finish" him off with a choice of moves.
A large portion of the game is collecting evidence and sending it to the lab. Here's a laser to highlight and a camera to collect.
You'll send this collected info to Rosa who will analyze it and will give you advice.
Going down into the subways to beat someone with my electrical conduit.
You also have a taser which is great for stunning enemies. Sometimes it can even be fatal all by itself.
More mêlée. I'm about to get hurt real bad.
Your chase will lead you into the subway tunnels.
No, they only "look" like zombies. They actually move like rejects from "The Ring."
There are medicine cabinets in logical places, where you can fix yourself up.
The black-light will show you organic residue.
You can then use the sampler to pick up samples for the lab.
I hurt him real bad. It's great to turn off your flashlight once in a while an enjoy the lighting and bloom effects of the game.
If that's not a sign I don't know what is.
Helicopters search for rioters.
The lighting is incredible in the library.
More library scenery. This is one of the very few parts of the game that is pleasant to look at. Well it's still kinda creepy but you take what you can get.
Occasionally the game will go to this look when you're having a psychic episode. Note the creepy figure and my weapon; the cutting-arm of a paper cutter.
Searching the shelves for evidence and jerks who will pop out at you and make you scream.
This time a scummy and abandoned school. Seems everywhere you go in this game is either a burned out this or an abandoned that.
This is why you should not let your kids buy food from the school cafeteria.
Looks like Norton Mapes (F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon) was here before us.
An eerie tunnel into the unknown...
Quite cute
Did you run out of ammo? It's OK, you can always use your gun for some melee action.
This guy just wants to be your friend... Yeah, right.
Everything looks murky and creepy in this game.
Yet another dude that wants to befriend you.