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Conflict: Vietnam (Windows)

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Conflict: Vietnam Credits

For SCi

Chief ExecutiveJane Cavanagh
ManagerBill Ennis
Financial DirectorRob Murphy
Development DirectorDarren Barnett
Creative DirectorPatrick O'Luanaigh
Marketing DirectorDave Clark
Executive ProducerLee Singleton
DesignerPaul Wright
QA ManagerMarc Titheridge
Senior QA ManagerMatt Friday, David Isherwood
Lead QA EngineerIan Rowsell
QA EngineerHenley Bailey, Damian Bennett, Joe Best, Neil Delderfield, Allen Elloitt, Peter Evans, Stuart Fallis, Che Hamilton, Hugo Hirsh, Matthew Ibbs, David Izzo, Carl Perrin, Joseph Pirocco, Marcus Smikle
Product ManagerRay Livingston
Creative ManagerQuinton Luck
WebmasterOlaf Siebert
Head of Legal DepartmentJo Murphy
Public Relations ManagerChris Glover, Gareth Ramsay, Emily Britt
SalesJustin Gaffney, Trudy Friday, Juliet Bray, Chris Walton
Business OperationsCallum Jay, Jonathon Wild, Richard Lever, Nicole Beale
Special Thanks toJames Lenoël, Caspar Gray, Luke Timms, Andrew Judd


"Paint It, Black"Mick Jagger (writer), Keith Richards (writer), Performed by The Rolling Stones, Published by ABKCO Music Inc., By arrangement with ABKCO Records
"White Rabbit"Performed by Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick (writer), Used by kind permission of Rondor Music Ltd obo, Copperpenny Music & Irving Music Inc., (p) 1967 BMG, Licensed courtesy of BMG UK & Ireland Ltd. Network Enterprises
"Nowhere To Run"Performed by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas, Lamont Dozier (writer), Edward Holland Jr. (writer), Brian Holland (writer), Published by Jobete Music Co Inc./EMI Music Publishing Ltd, Courtesy of Motown Record Company, Licensed by kind permission from the Film & TV licensing division, Part of the Universal Music Group
"Goin' Up The Country"performed by Canned Heat, Allan Wilson (writer), Published by EMI Publishing Ltd, Licensed courtesy of EMI Records Ltd

Pivotal Games

Lead DirectorJim Bambra
Development DirectorNick Cook
Technical DirectorAlex McLean
ProducerStuart Poole
Creative Media ProducerPete Johnson
Executive EngineerTim Cannell
Executive Software EngineerAnnette Garnier, Peter Long
Senior Software EngineerJonathan Booth, Sebastian Grinke, Martin Hutchings
Software EngineerMark Barton, Charles Blair, David Clarke, Andrew Davidson, Julian Foxall, Marios Mitella, David Tetlow, Darren Ward, Dan Wheeler
Associate Software EngineerStephen Broadley
Lead DesignerMarc Curtis
DesignerJames Clarke, Tom Rawlings
MusicianJon Vincent
Sound EngineerJon Vincent
Lead ArtistMartin Severn
Lead Technical ArtistPaul Truss
Senior ArtistPete Baldwin, Claire Cooper, David Cullinane, Guy Jeffries
AnimationsAdam King, Mathew Rees
ArtistPeter Austin, David Banner, David Calvin, Maff Evans, Edward Garnier, Lisa Godwin, David Hennessy, Alan Thomas, Raisa Tuomisto
Vehicle ArtistPaul Stonehouse
Character ArtistTessa Aurmoogum, Elizabeth Cailes
FMV ArtistZsolt Avery-Tierney
Associate FMV ArtistCraig Moroney, Simon Suzuki
CutscenesKevin Ackbar
Associate ArtistSimon Evans, Ben Jane, Jonathan F. Kay
Assistant ArtistJon Bridges, Matt Trim

Customer Service and QA

IT ManagerAlan Clark
Technical Customer ServiceChris Knaggs
Senior QA TechnicianKarl Stubbs
QA TechnicianChris Bambra, Daniel Waldron
Special Thanks toLouise Anderson (Office-Manager), Rachel Cooper (Management Assistant), Shaun Hewitt (Senior Software Assistant), Tim Chapman (Software Engineer), Mandy Schmidt (Character Artist), Adrian Shipp (FMV Artist), Darren Woods (FMV Artist)


ComposerJon Vincent
ConductorAllan Wilson
CoordinatorPaul Talkington
Recording EngineerPeter Fuchs
MixingGerry O'Riordan
Symphony OrchestraSlovak Radio
Recorded in Concert HallSlovak Radio
Orchestra ‑ DirectorVictor Simcisko
Orchestra ‑ ManagerMarian Turner

US Voice Recording

Recorded atDig It Audio ‑ NYC
Sound EngineerNicholas Montgomery, Brian Scibinco
CastingJudy Henderson (CSA)

European Voice Recording

Outsource MediaMark Estdale, Dean Gregory, Jeremy Taylor


Matt Ballard, Dennis Ostermaier, Loose Cannon, Jordan Lage, Casey Siemaszko, Lloyd Floyd, Jeff Gurner, Adam Seitz, Oliver Wyman, Robert Jason Jackson, Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr., Christian Tanno, Stephen Schnetzer, Richard M. Vicencio, Tommy Taylor, Brian Scibinco, Nicholas Montgomery, John Moros, John Zurhellen, Noelle Sadler, Quarie Marshall, Evral Walsh, Paul Robinson, Michael Joyce


Uses Bink Video. Copyright © 1997-2004, by RAD Game Tools Inc., Babel Media, Valerio C. Faggioni (at Dolby Games)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29335)