Conflict: Vietnam Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu.
Your primary objectives in Ghost Town. The main base you're deployed at.
Your tour of duty begins.
You can talk to any soldier you like. Most will be annoyed at you for interrupting their conversations but this part of the game really feels like a role playing game. If only it was all like this.
You will also get bonus missions like taking a drink to someone.
The radio operators. You really shouldn't interrupt them.
Help the chief medic wrap that wound
You can only collect relevant objects which will be highlighted.
This soldier takes time out from firing at the range to chat.
Happy that he got his whiskey, this officer will reward you with grenades.
Taking aim at the firing range.
What the hell are you doing soldier?
While in ghost town don't be surprised if an attack suddenly occurs.
Choppers passing by, Paint it Black blasting in the background. This really is 'Nam.
These guys got really pissed when I jumped into the trucks they were working on.
An officer looks over fallen soldiers.
Your squadmates.
Your first mission as a squad. Holding the fort as bullets whiz by your heads.
At the end of each mission you'll get mission statistics as well as -
character statistics.
And you can build up each character's experience just like an RPG.
Ragman takes over in the jungle.
Your confidence in your weapon plummets when a tank comes barreling down at you.
The Viet-Cong take down a chopper
Shooting from prone position is more accurate.
Hoss being a coward and running for it in the night jungle even though all his mates have fallen.
Mission failed.
In this mission you must rescue the stone talisman of this village from a temple. Probably not Temple of Doom, but maybe.
Hello goat.
She must've been making lemonade.
Hoss disarms a trap as the rest of the team looks on.
Junior getting ready to snipe.
How very Deer Hunter of us.
A Vietnam P.O.W.
The chopper makes an entrance.
As all the gunners your mission is pretty straight-forward.
Should I shoot the soldiers or the rockets?
Hoss is enjoying the forest canopy.
The chopper is still being shot at. Sadly you cannot pilot it.
Let's take these guys out and go home.