Conga Bugs Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Create a profile.
Main menu
An educational opening story
Select the stage.
Stage menu
Loading screen
Standard level: Here we go!
The level begins.
I need to shoot a red bug near other red bugs.
I made some blue bugs disappear.
I collected a hat from the pusher bug.
Level cleared. Perfect!
The screen changes.
Level complete
This bug is carrying a bug token I can collect.
Oh! Two conga lines to keep track of.
A puzzle level
I need to clear these lines with a limited number of bugs.
On this level, the cannon doesn't rotate but slides left or right.
The orchestra pit. We have no players, yet.
A rare bug has been unlocked.He is a keyboardist.
Tickle them ivorys, daddy-o!
Lear more about bugs.
Like how they hide.
I lost the level and a life.
I lost all my lives. Game over.
High scores