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Stardock Entertainment ( Press Release:

    Stardock to Net-distribute The Corporate Machine

    Popular strategy game one of the first major games to be available for immediate full download…

    For Immediate Release
    March 20, 2001

    Contact: Angela Marshall
    (734) 762-0687

    Canton MI— Stardock Entertainment released The Corporate Machine in January in its retail form. Gamers looking for it could visit some of their favorite local retailers and pick up the shrink-wrapped box or buy it directly from Stardock and have it shipped to them.

    Now, Stardock is providing users with the option to immediately download the full game while they wait for it to be shipped to them.

    “This really helps the impulse buyer,” said Kim Kolaz, Customer Relations Manager at Stardock. “If they are comfortable downloading large files over the Internet, they can order it and get an immediate link to download it.”

    The Corporate Machine is the first game to be released from Stardock’s upcoming gaming network. It has received positive reviews from every major game magazine thus far with the lowest rating being 4 out of 5 stars.

    “The Corporate Machine is a great game,” said Mark Miller, an investment consultant who plays The Corporate Machine in the evening. “It’s both fun and realistic enough to be intuitive to play. Me and some of my friends at work get together on Fridays to play on multiplayer. Being able to just order and have the game right then and there will really help as now when one of our buddies wants to play it, they can get the game right away.”

    As with the other upcoming games, Stardock designed The Corporate Machine to be net-distributable. That is, the game is actually playable with only a 12 megabyte and players can download other parts of the game in chunks (the full game is around a 100 megabyte download).

    “When we decided to make a sequel to Entrepreneur, we knew that any game we wanted to have on would need to be modularized for download purposes,” said Angela Marshall, Director of Internal Operations at Stardock. “So we decided to focus on game play and features rather than creating cut scenes and extra ‘content’ to keep the download size reasonable.”

    Stardock plans for all of its future gaming titles to work the same way. User reaction has been very favorable.

    “I think it’s only a matter of time before all games are done this way,” said Chris Stevens, a subscriber and regular player of The Corporate Machine. “When I read a review of a game, I don’t want to have to have to drive down to the store and hope they have it in stock. I want the game now. That’s how I got I saw a review of The Corporate Machine on one of the gaming sites and went to Stardock’s home page where I saw I could get the game stand alone or get all of Stardock’s games by joining which is what I’ve done. They’ve got some really cool stuff in the works.”

    The Corporate Machine is available now. It’s $29.95 stand alone. Users are given a link to download it if they wish while their order is shipped to them. Alternatively, users can join the beta of Stardock’s, one of the first large scale gaming ASPs for $49.95. users get all of the existing Drengin games (like The Corporate Machine), plus what is created for a year after it is made generally available (such as Galactic Civilizations, Light Weight Ninja, Stellar Frontier, and more).

    Stardock’s home page is The home page is

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    Machen Sie sich bereit für eine der härtesten Schlachten, den Krieg der Konzerne. Starten Sie ein kleines Unternehmen und konkurrieren Sie mit den großen Unternehmen um Marktanteile und Profit.

    Mächtige Industriekonzerne kämpfen mit allen Mitteln um den entscheidenden Marktvorteil. Nur die stärksten, schnellsten, innovativsten Unternehmensführer sind erfolgreich. Alle anderen gehen mit Ihren Firmen pleite oder müssen an einen besseren Konkurrenten verkaufen.

    Sie stehen mit Ihrem kleinen Unternehmen ganz am Anfang. Aber Ihr Ziel ist klar: Expansion, Übernahmen, Profit - und vor allem: Überleben. Verwirklichen Sie Ihre Träume von Reichtum, Einfluss und Macht in vier verschiedenen Branchen: Automobil-, Computer-, Flugzeug- und Getränkeindustrie. Sind Sie gut genug für diesen Job?

    Stardock Entertainment

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    7.95 €

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    Take 2 Games für PC.

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Back of Box:
    Corporations are in a constant state of war! Planning and plotting to destroy their rivals, conglomerates work towards world domination. Companies struggle to control the markets, or else face the prospect of buyouts and bankruptcy!

    The Corporate Machine is a real-time economic strategy game set in one of the most ruthless environments ever created... the corporate world! Build your business empire, dominate the industry, and unlock your financial fortune.

    - Fulfill your dreams of wealth and power in four separate industries - automobiles, aircraft, computers, and even cola!

    - Choose your specialty- Marketing, Engineering, or Manufacturing

    - Add spice and realism to the game with Direct Action Cards, to force a labor strike on your opponent, recruit executives away from your competitors, gain government support, and much more!

    - Build Research Centers to develop new technology, Marketing Offices to develop campaigns, and Recreational Buildings to boost staff morale!

    - Exceptional multiplayer support over (Stardock's own interactive multiplayer network) or via a LAN for up to 8 players.

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