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GameSpot (Aug 02, 2001)
These few shortcomings are all minor when viewed in contrast with the game's numerous great qualities. Winning design, powerful artificial intelligence, and a great sense of humor make The Corporate Machine one of the best strategy games so far this year.
Gaming Age (Jan 31, 2001)
The Corporate Machine isn't about big-budget technical presentation, nor is it about appealing to the masses that like their games familiar and formulaic. TCM is an innovative, smartly designed, real-time strategy game that delivers where it ultimately matters most-the gameplay. TCM isn't the game you're going to show off to your friends on your new GeForce-powered Pentium 4, it's the game you're going to stay up late into the night playing after your friends go home. And, for an longtime strategy gamer like myself, that's a better gauge of excellence than anything else I can think of.
IGN (Aug 13, 2001)
All in all, The Corporate Machine is a charming board-style game, albeit a bit simple, with a whole lot of character. I wasn't so sure about it in the beginning, but now it has me hooked and has earned a permanent place on my hard drive. The game is more than a whole of its parts, and it's well worth a look if you're looking for a non-action offering that's elegant, fun, and addictive.
Like Risk and Civilization, The Corporate Machine is a strategy title that draws players in and doesn’t let go easily. Its combination of global conquest and economic elements results in an entertaining experience that can keep players consistently coming back for more. While the game doesn’t offer many radical differences from its predecessor, Entrepreneur, it still has the right amount of additions in graphics and gameplay to stay competitive with today’s strategy offerings. For around $20, this little Machine has what it takes to face off against many of the industry’s big boys.
Your opponents trump your dirty tricks, steal your customers, and generally beat you like a drum. And they do so in a way that makes you smile, rub your hands together, and plan a new strategy for “just one more game,” realizing that the strategic options are deep and varied, and that there are many routes to victory and many more to defeat. And if getting your butt kicked by the stellar computer Al is not enough, a simple and effective Internet multiplayer mode ensures that human foes are available at the click of a button.
The Corporate Machine heeft geen enkele media-aandacht gekregen. Jammer, want het is één van de beste strategiegames van het jaar !
Absolute Games ( (Feb 21, 2001)
Мы имеем дело с добротной экономической стратегией. «Народной» она не станет, слишком уж специфична, зато совершенно точно покорит свой отряд die-hard поклонников, среди которых наверняка будут не только фанаты Entrepreneur. И это правильно, потому что игра откровенно удалась. Если тот же Entrepreneur для победы требовал исключительно агрессивного стиля игры, то в Corporate Machine можно победить практически при любом раскладе.
GameSpy (Aug 01, 2001)
So, did I like this game? Yes, I did. It was very addictive in its deceptive simplicity; just when I thought I had figured out the formula for success, the AI would show me up with something else. It's not a hard game, but it is a challenge. There are a lot of difficulty settings, however, and you can play with as few as one or as many as eight other players, so it customizes to fit your pace and skill level. Despite one inexplicable bug that stopped the clock (and game) from progressing that required reloading the game, I enjoyed playing the game. If you're a fan of slower-paced games with more fun in the game itself than in its graphics or fanfare, The Corporate Machine may be right up your alley.
Eine Wirtschaftssimulation, von der die Entwickler behaupten, es wäre eigentlich ein Kriegsspiel? So ein Schmarrn! Das zumindest war meine erste Reaktion, aber es verhält sich wirklich so. Unter der äußeren Schale spielt sich dieser Titel wie eine Echtzeitstrategie. Uns - Sie mögen's glauben oder nicht - es macht Spaß! Jedenfalls nach einer Eingewöhnungsphase, denn anfangs sitzt man vor dem Monitor wie der Ochs vorm Berg. Was vor allem dem schlechten Handbuch zuzuschreiben ist. Einer richtig knackigen Note steht allerdings auch noch der Umstand entgegen, dass das Gameplay insgesamt wenig abwechslungsreich ist und sich bald wiederholt.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2001)
Einsteiger werden durch die leichte Zugänglichkeit vielleicht eine Weile Spaß am Start-Up Manager haben. Langfristig passiert aber deutlich zu wenig.
PC Joker (May, 2000)
So muss man insbesondere gegenüber staubtrockener Präsentation viel Toleranz aufbringen: Menüs und Charts so weit das Auge reicht; in Zeiten eines „Flughafen Manager“ wirkt diese Wirtschaftssim einfach nur antiquiert. Zum Genre-Monopol fehlt es zudem (weit) an Unterhaltungswert.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 01, 2001)
Der Ausbau der Produktionsstätten, Erforschung neuer Technologien und Marketing trägt maßgeblich zum Erfolg bei, der sich selbst bei Genre-Neulingen schnell einstellt. Das ändert aber nichts daran, dass das viel zu simple Wirtschaftssystem, unzureichende Statistiken und schwaches Gegnerverhalten das Spiel schnell langweilig werden lassen.