Corsairs: Conquest at Sea Credits (Windows)

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Corsairs: Conquest at Sea Credits


ProductionMicoids SA
Project LeaderFranck Quero
Project ManagerRudolf Feller
Design & ScriptPascal Mory
Original ConceptRudolf Feller
ProgrammingVincent L'Hermite, Fabrice Colard, Henri de Chauveron, Vincent Duvernet, Rudolf Feller, Marc-Olivier Mery, Olivier Morel, Franck Quero, Nicolas Vibert
Graphics / ArtworkLudovic Delcroix, Gayak Lamaze, Stephen Magnardi, Julien Marty, Eric Royou, Loïc Yvart, Fabien Laouer
Map DesignXavier-Claude Passeri
TestsJean Christophe Mairot
Development DirectorVincent Baillet
Art DirectorLoïc Yvart
Sound Design & Audio ProductionKnockin' Boots Productions
Cover ArtistFabien Laouer
Sound Design & Audio ProductionVicky Bazombanza
Package DesignDonald Simpson & Mr. Wang, Fabien Laouer, Eric Royou
ManualGayal Agence Conseil, Sébastien Berger, Nicolas Guerineau, Pascal Mory, Eric Royou
Localization DirectorNicolas Guerineau
Special Thanks ToNicolas Gohin, Didier Poulain, Laurent Plu, Frank Holz, Detlef Richter

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rudolf Feller (11) and NGC 5194 (17614)