Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
This is Dust, a classic CS map, with a fresh look.
Enemy spotted!
Looks like his aim is worse than mine.
The view from behind the new riot shield
The overhead map
Ouch! Own3d!!
Ready to roll out with my gang of terrorist friends
Setting the bomb...
Ready! Now let's get the hell out of here!!
That shield ain't gonna help you now pig!!
Taking orders in the "Deleted Scenes" game.
New to the game is a single player campaign module
Classic CS maps are laid out as "missions" with specific objectives and challenges
Performance earns you bonus points which you can spend in better AI companions
The good old buying menu with some new additions
The "Deleted Scenes" world map allows you to select any mission in the game.
"Geeks Worldwide" HQ. Now it's not just a dream!!
BlackHawk Down!
Jungle warfare
At the top of a skyscrapper trying to take down a nuke-wielding madman
New to "Deleted Scenes" are puzzle items like this remote detonator
silencer for a gun.... and wrong moment
Office massacre
My team
Don't jump!
Where is my gun (Graphic glitch)
Nice headshot
Dead. :(
Police shield
Long distance, but enemy is visible. Shoot.
I came to the Wrong Neighborhood
Blood headshot
Time to kill these bastards