Crashday: Redline Edition Credits

Crashday: Redline Edition

Created byMoonbyte Games & the Crashday Community

Moonbyte & Community

Project LeadRobert Clemens
Lead DeveloperCosimo Monte (Savino), Giovanni Spina (a bad guy)
Key Community ContributorsMichael van Zwieten (MicaLovesKPOP), Safa Keklik (OutBlast)
QA Masters & General ServantsFabian Subat (Rikunaru), Tobias Hoffmann
Additional GraphicsAndreas Hackel, Timo Mimus
Additional Beta TestersLatvian Potato Farmer, Sylvain Hahn (DromEd), Iwert Haex, Nitronik
Tribute Track CreatorsOriginally created for the classic Crashday, Pitbull, KISEL, SmashD, NameZ, Hightake, Safa Keklik (OutBlast), Michael van Zwieten (MicaLovesKPOP), Matthias Kummer, Jonathan Linker
Special Thanks toMarc Möhring, Klaus Starke, László Zizics (Fanta), Malte

2tainment (Publisher)

Managing DirectorStefan Weyl
Development DirectorBartol Ruzic
DevelopmentMaximilian Buck, Stephan Stang, Andreas Kusnezov
QAQualitas Global QA Labs
LocalizationAltagram GmbH
Special Thanks toWolfgang Duhr

Crashday Original (2006)

A game byMoon Byte Studios, Replay Studios

The Development Team

Concept & Game DesignRobert Clemens, Jan Bodenstein
Project LeadRobert Clemens
Lead ProgrammerRobert Clemens
Lead ArtistsJan Bodenstein, Andreas Hackel
Technology ProgrammingRobert Clemens, Tom Jachmann, Tilman Mehler
AI ProgrammingRalf Heitmann
Network ProgrammingBlake Drolson
GUI & Gameplay ProgrammingRobert Clemens, Boris Bauer
LocalizationBoris Bauer
Copy ProtectionBoris Bauer
Track Piece Modeling & TextureAndreas Hackel, Jan Bodenstein, Matthias Kummer
Car Modeling & TexturesThorsten Peters (Lem), Ilya Nedyal (wRy), Jaroslav Turna (Jerry), Jan Bodenstein, Michael Bush (Endo), Matthias Kummer, Martin Lisec
Backgrounds Modeling & TexturesJonathan Linker
Level DesignMatthias Kummer, Jan Bodenstein, Claus Wohlgemuth, Sascha Jungnickel (James Earl Cash)
Sound EffectsLászló Zizics (Fanta),
Additional Sound EffectsJoe Nuzzo
Script WritingMario Janiszewski
Audio Script Recordingtoneworx GmbH
QA LeadMario Janiszewski
Internal TestingSven Sack, Florian Dohrendorf (Flow), Lucas Köppe, Moritz Schild
Functionality TestingRelQ India
Marketing AssetsAndreas Hackel, Jan Bodenstein, Matthias Kummer

Republishing Team

Republishing DirectorRebecka Pernered, Christophe Manquant
Republishing ManagerSébastien Chaudat
Localisation ManagerLudovic Bony
Localisation Project ManagerChrystèle Dozoul
Localisation Technical ConsultantDidier Flipo
Printed Materials ManagerCaroline Fauchille
Printed Materials Project ManagerJennifer Clark
Copy WriterVincent Hattenberger

Atari Europe: Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Director Supply ChainAlain Fourcaud
Manufacturing CoordinatorsFanny Giroud, Mike Shaw, Jean Grenouiller, Elise Pierrel

Atari Europe: Game Evaluation Team

Evaluation & ConsultingJocelyn Cioffi, Jean-Yves Lapasset

Atari Europe: Quality Assurance Team

Quality DirectorLewis Glover
Quality Control Project ManagerCarine Mawart
Certification Project ManagerLisa Gaillard
Product Planning Project ManagerSophie Wibaux-Meliet
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Engineering Services ExpertsStéphane Entéric, Pascal Guillen

Atari Europe: Marketing Team

European Marketing DirectorCyril Voiron
European Marketing Group ManagerMathieu Brossette
European Marketing AssistantGrégory Feuz
European Web ManagerRenaud Marin
European Communication ManagerJohn Tyrrell
European Communications ExecutiveAlistair Hatch

The Crashday Soundtrack

The Crashday SoundtrackPencilcase [], Peter Struck (, LowBuz [], Jan Morgenstern (, Pro.Fac

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toMarc Möhring (for his effort to help bringing this former freetime project to the stores), Christophe Manquant (for his support and believe in Crashday), Alexander Krug (for his effort to present Crashday at Games Convention in 2002 and 2003), Kevin Jenkins (for his RakNet networking technology and all his support), Markus Windelen, Graeme Struthers, Lee Kirton, Christian Weikert, Pílar, Jason and everyone of RelQ, Enzyme, Tobias Then, Thomas Huber, Sascha Koop, Robert Heinrich, Michael Büttner, Synobyte, Paul Hazelwood, Adam Porter, Hendrik Lesser, Luke Vernon, Marcus Kollmann, Claus Praefcke, Eugene Laptev, Cyrex / Fusion Music Crew, Hermann the German, Ronin Tales, Dirty Rice, JPoverty, Frank Lalane, Franck Quero, Christopher Larsson, The West Brothers, Florian Prengel, Alexander Talmon, Jens Grezes
Thanks toEveryone at Atari, The community and to all of our supporters since the first days., Everyone else of the innumerous people that offered their support and helped making Crashday possible., Our families; women and friends who supported us in this long and stressful time., Antje for her big patience...

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505904)