Crayon Physics Deluxe Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Registration screen. It is not required, but opens up extra functionalities.
Main menu
Toying around in the editor.
Choose what you would like to do with your custom level.
A familiar level; game mechanics are introduced level by level.
The overview map of a single island
Looks, it's a car! It would work better if I had drawn pins inside the wheels to connect the shapes.
Moving on top of a castle
Helpful instructions in the background
Lower the drawbridge.
You do the math.
Islands show how many stars are needed to access them.
Kicking the ball towards the star.
Get the contraption to move on the right side.
I'll probably won't think up an elegant solution here.
The ball is trapped inside a box.
Reach the lighthouse.
Robots dangling.
Here it goes!
You can use the dinosaur to reach the star.