Crazy Chicken: Approaching Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

History introduction screen
By killing the robots you get weapons upgrades.
Don't forget to refuel over the platforms and check if the refuel icon is on to make sure you are actually refuelling.
Exploding mines help you to kill the enemies.
But be careful, they use mines against you as well.
Statistics screen for each level you finish.
Some enemies drop extra lives, you are going to need them all.
Things become harder.
Killing the machine guns on the mountains.
End of level platform
The big boss of level 6. You need to kill him to go to the next level and you only got a small amount of time.
Greeting screen and continue to the next levels
Over the clouds now, and there are enemies everywhere.
Deadly platforms armed with cannons.
Help screen with some information about the upgrades.
Highscores screen