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Game Manual:
    Even in a virtual world there is real danger! Over a thousand years ago, the ancient civilization of Shee left the disc world of Albia in a giant spaceship to find a new more spherical home. When the grendels attacked them during the flight, they escaped to their new planet's surface and abandoned the spaceship in orbit. The spaceship remains and with your help the remaining Norns can thrive. But watch out for the grendels a vicious breed of nasty animals intent on hurting your Norns or even stealing their eggs! To help you you'll find a host of advanced machines all of which can be plugged together to make huge automated devices. The bridge and engineering contain an encyclopedic range of gadgets to aid you in your quest to protect your Norns. But be careful... it's a jungle out there!

    Contributed by James Walter (284) on Nov 06, 2002.