Creatures Adventures Credits (Windows)

Creatures Adventures Windows Parental controls dialog where parents can even specify a child's bedtime.


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Creatures Adventures Credits

Creature Labs

ProducerBen Simpson
DesignBen Simpson, Jonathan Skuse, The Creatures Adventures team
Lead ProgrammerAlima Adams
Additional ProgrammingMark Bennett
Agent EngineeringJonathan Skuse, Oscar Wilkinson, Bart Baddeley
Genetic EngineeringHelen Burchmore, Eric Goodwin
Art DirectionColin Swinbourne
Graphic ArtistsDarren Thomas, Paul Simon, Michael Frost, Oliver Dunn, Steve Wilkins, Timothy Mews, Nigel Brownjohn, Ruthine Burton
Introduction sequence modellingDarren Thomas, Paul Simon, Barnaby Green
Neuroscience and brain remodellingGavin Buttimore
Music (in game and introduction sequence)Peter Chilvers
Sound EffectsBen Simpson, Jonathan Skuse, Oscar Wilkinson
Additional prototyping and developmentGavin Buttimore, Guy Tristen, Francis Irving, Robert Dickson, Darren Cantell, David Bhowmik
QA Manager at Creature LabsPaul Dobson
QA tester at Creature LabsBarry O'Sullivan, Paul Dobson, Khushil Dep, Ben Gonshaw, The Creatures Adventures Team
Creature Labs MarketingLisa de Araujo, Darren Cantell, Nathan Thomas
Man In SuitHoward Newmark
Manual and Help filesBen Simpson, Mark Bennett, Darren Cantell, Lisa de Araujo, Gill Collins
Play TestersSharla Swinbourne, Laura Saunter, Jamie Saunter, Siobhan Pigott
Special Thanks toStephen Grand, Ian Saunter, Toby Simpson, Christopher Bamford, Burwell Primary School, Angie Simpson
Development DirectorIan Saunter

Mindscape Entertainment

Additional DesignDavid Bishop, Lee Singleton
ProducerLee Singleton
Director of DevelopmentDavid Bishop
Executive ProducerBret Berry
Production AssistantDaniel Achterman
QA TestingDerek Holt, Iain White, Ollie White
US TestingDustin Hendricks, Drew Gal, Egan Hirvela, Tony Lima, Adam Rosen, Jason Watkins
Executive Vice PresidentCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
MarketingKristen Agin, Anthony Parkis, Catriona Patton, Caryn Mical
Public RelationsPaul Kluge, Karen Conroe
Paper Parts & PrintingBill Duncan, Steve Longdale
LocalisationMaria Fernandez, Vincent Navizet, Jörg Becker, Sandra Rijnhart, Pierre François Boselli, Louise Gertsch, Sylvain Cassini, Amanda Messmer, SDL International
Documentation SupportMark Whisler
Layout/DTP SupportDavid Boudreau, Louis Saekow Design
Special ThanksPatrick Baroni

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Credits for this game were contributed by Multimedia Mike (19813)