Creatures Adventures Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Parental controls dialog where parents can even specify a child's bedtime.
World select screen (a world corresponds to a particular player's game.)
In the hatchery, an egg has been placed in the cradle and shall soon hatch.
The norn has hatched; the player can now go with the default name or choose their own.
In the clothing room-- dress your norn in all manner of ridiculous outfits.
In the kitchen -- there is plenty to interact with here.
Riding a skateboard outside the norns' house.
The playroom upstairs in the norn house
In the norn garden
The backyard of the norn house, at night time
Traversing the forest near the house.
Closing in on the neighbor's castle.
Dealing with a knight in the castle.
Now there's a tile puzzle to solve in order to escape the castle.
2 grown up norns just outside the house, in the rain
This norn is probably relieving herself -- the game models all manner of biological imperatives.
When your norn falls ill, take them to the magical medical carriage, inspect them with the stethoscope and thermometer, and stuff them in the doctor booth.
The norns' well during wintertime; the norn is growing old now.
The norn has died peacefully in the snow.
The end of these 2 norns; note there are 2 new eggs in the bubbles at the top of the screen: back to the hatchery.