Crime City Credits (Windows)

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Crime City Credits


Executive ProducerJohn Koumaras
MarketingMichael Takakis
SalesMichael Takakis
Lead ProgrammerEmmanuel Tsotros (ImmersionFX Games)
ScriptingEmmanuel Tsotros (ImmersionFX Games), Michael Fraggos
Concept ArtEmmanuel Tsotros (ImmersionFX Games), Athena Avouris, Matthew-Carey Simos
Assistant ProducerGeorgios Chiotos (Games2Gaze)
ProgrammerGeorgios Chiotos (Games2Gaze)
Original MusicPedro Macedo Camacho (
Level DesignAncientidol Studios
Beta Testing TeamDimitris Barbatsalos, Stefanos Antypas, Orfeas Stavropoulos, Pavlos Papadopoulos
Special ThanksYannis Minadakis, Charalampos Chiotis, Margarita Chioti, Elisavet Chioti, Panagiotis Takakis, Christos Arapis

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