Crimes of War Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
The intro shows a car chase.
The title - curiously without the "2".
"We have the high ground" - "I have the bigger gun!"
German soldiers were especially trained in car chases...
Another batch of Nazis coming our way.
BOOM and another one is gone.
A nice mansion
A tank
Maria helps you, more or less.
Behind the muzzle flash is an enemy.
Slowly moving towards the exit.
Aboard an enemy train
Once you've scored 3 head-shots you're engaging the Ubersniper mode, where time slows down allowing you to move and aim faster than the enemy
Get used to identify ammo-supply crates and medikits scattered around the levels
The enemy soldier always use the surrounding objects as a cover
An allied Sherman tank is ramming that gate down!
Remember those guys from the first Ubersoldier? Now they are even more nasty to defeat
Reloading in front of an enemy is fatal! When you get hit by enemy fire a red arc indicator shows the direction the shot came from
Dietrich's squad executes a team of Nazi scientists. Dietrich is the big guy on the left with the red glowing eyes and the coolest uniform in the game :)
There a re a few occasions where you get to mount an MG-42 machine gun post and use it against enemy attacking waves
Based on how many headshots or melee attacks you scored, you gain experience points which after completing levels you have to spend on improving your character on various aspects
The flamethrower is the most efficient weapon on most enemy soldiers, as a tiny burst will leave them burning