Written by  :  Dr.Bedlam (56)
Written on  :  May 21, 2003

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Indiana Jones and the Barnstormers from Hell!

The Good

Submitted for your approval: imagine a world of air flight and combat simulators that aren't really simulators of what IS... but of what we wish COULD BE. These games already exist. Lucasfilm has released several "flight/combat simulators" under its fine line of Star Wars games -- Tie Fighter and X-Wing, for example. Are these games accurate flight simulators? Hell, no... but they're loads of fun, and packed with that Star Wars flavor, which is why you bought them in the first place.

"Crimson Skies" is that kind of game. It captures the flavor of its genre and time period like no other game I've ever played. Between the stylings of the scenery, the great little "newsreel" cutscenes, and even the interface, this game has 1930s written all over it.

It is NOT a flight sim, and the planes you will fly routinely ignore various laws of physics, as well as the technology of the time, but who cares?

The Bad

The game is not without its problems. For one thing, although this is very much an "arcade style" flight sim, you are going to want a joystick to play this one; trying to handle the flight controls via the keyboard just makes you wish you had a spare pair of hands. You're also going to want to download the patch; load times make this game a yawn until that patch is installed.

The Bottom Line

It's not a HUGE bargain... at least, not unless you already HAVE a joystick... but if you're a fan of barnstorming action or the genre in general, this game is a must have.