Crimsonland Credits (Windows)

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Crimsonland Credits


Game DesignTero Alatalo
ProgrammingTero Alatalo
ProducerZach Young
2D ArtTero Alatalo
3D ModellingTero Alatalo, Timo Palonen
MusicValtteri Pihlajamäki, Ville Eriksson
Sound EffectsIon Hardie, Tero Alatalo, Valtteri Pihlajamäki, Ville Eriksson
ManualMiikka Kulmala, Zach Young
Special Thanks ToPetri Järvilehto (Remedy), Peter Hajba (Remedy)
Play TestersAvraham Petrosyan, Bryce Baker, Dan Ruskin, Dirk Bunk, Eric Dallaire, Eric Van Pelt, Ernie Ramirez, Ion Hardie, James C. Smith, Jarkko Forsbacka, Jeff McAteer, Juha Alatalo, Kalle Hahl, Lars Brubaker, Lee Cooper, Markus Lassila, Matti Alanen, Miikka Kulmala, Mika Alatalo, Mike Colonnese, Simon Hallam, Toni Nurminen, Valtteri Pihlajamäki, Ville Eriksson, Ville Mäntylä, Zach Young
10tons logo byPasi Heinonen
Uses Vorbis Audio Decompression, ©2003 Xiph.Org Foundation, (see vorbis.txt)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17177)