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Advertising Blurbs

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    Croc's back in an exciting new adventure as he searches for his long lost parents. But the search soon becomes a showdown as Croc's archenemy, Baron Dante, is magically resurrected by his evil Dantinis. Join Croc's journey as he explores over 40 levels within four Gobbo tribe villages, each packed with unique Gobbos, mischievous monsters, and tons of surprises.

    -Four unique and colorful new Gobbo tribes plus a Secret Village. Complete all your goals and you will discover the Secret Village!

    -OmniPlay ’ allows two players to share control of Croc.

    -Expansive Tribe Villages. Plenty of game play in these villages including bosses and secret levels.

    -Characters will actually TALK to Croc. Learn through conversation what Croc needs to do to succeed. Gobbos can even help Croc out as he works to complete all the levels.

    -Added Moves such as the Boost Triple Jump, Power Flip, Hanging, Croccy Paddle, Pick Up/Throw and Rope Swing.

    -Exciting New Adventures! Croc can race a mine cart, fly a hang glider, ride a speed boat, ride a go-mobile and float in a hot air balloon.

    -Trade crystals with Swap Meet Pete and get extra power-ups and bonus items like Gummi Saver jumps and extra lives.

    -Meet seven all-new bosses. Cannon Boat Keith the pirate, Soveena the Squid (who has a crush on Croc) and Baron Dante!

    Croc 2 is now available for PlayStation game console and PC.

    Contributed by Adam Baratz (1341) on Dec 30, 2000.