The Cross Formula Credits (Windows)

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The Cross Formula Credits


Original ConceptMiguel Angel Tartaj
Game DesignMiguel Angel Tartaj
Project ManagerMiguel Angel Tartaj
Lead ProgrammerMiguel Ángel Liñán
ProgrammingDavid González Pérez, Raúl Buisán Esporrin
Art DirectorGabriela Lazbal
ArtistsJara Cordero, Danay Diaz López, Gabriela Lazbal, Pablo Vietto
Character AnimationDanay Diaz López
Interface DesignJara Cordero
LogoJara Cordero
Art AssistantsLaura Maillo, Eric Moliner
Writing ConsultantsMichelle Woods, Patrick Baggatta
MusicSound Ideas
Sound EffectsSound Dogs

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