The Cross Formula Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's main menu
There are 3 difficulty levels for the game
The game's opening location
An example of an interactive close-up
There are both indoor and outdoor locations
The tablet PC you pick up at the beginning provides none-too-subtle hints through your journey
You can also use the tablet to zoom to other locations and re-visit unsolved puzzles
Your getaway car
Another outdoor location to visit
Non-interactive videos are played between each chapter
They play up the amnesia storyline
And provide short segues between chapters
These "visual puzzles" break up the standard adventuring
You have to move and rotate letters to fit them into confined spaces
Something like this will do
There are also some unrelated puzzles like this dancing doll jukebox puzzle
And this "spot the differences" puzzle
Yet another "spot the difference"
You'll meet a few characters along the way
And fix a whole lot of broken gadgets