Crusaders of Might and Magic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Those eyes remind me of the movie "Terminator"... But don't worry, it's not a deadly killer-robot... Just an insane zombie!
Please, don't hurt us!
The hero of the game
Main menu
In the tutorial, your objective is to free the prisoners out of this dungeon
World map
Choosing a difficulty level
Receiving your first quest
Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?
This skeleton is dead (Huh? That surely sounds strange!), but his friend is hurrying to rescue
Getting out of the prison
Looking up
Casting a spell
Interaction with objects: pull the lever in order to open the door
Fighting those suckers outside
Look under trees! This time, you find a healing potion.
After having defeated an enemy, look down on the ground. You may find many useful items, like in this case
At last, in the city!
She looks quite good!
You can slay innocent people and nobody will punish you for that. That's plain disgusting! :(
Buying weapons
Most of the enemies you fight are (un)dead!
An Airship? Now that's convenient!
Watch out for his giant club! Too late!
Ice tunnels