Cryn: The Dark Reflection Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

this is at the start of the game when Cryn and his brother meet. All conversation is in text boxws like this and the game will not progress until a key is pressed
A plot defining moment by the dying king's bedside
Out in the forest and under attack from a Trug. This is the first screen of the combat sequence
In the early stages at least 'Attack' means using a dagger.
When the battle is over the player either dies or wins. This is the victory screen
Here in thenext battle the player has chosen to use a magic attak on the enemy. Choosing the target is essential as sometimes there are multiple enemies
The path through the forest is pretty straightforward, at least in the very early stages of the game where there is only one route to explore
The in-game menu is accessed via the F10 key.