Crysis Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Loading screen
Parachuting down on the island.
My Nanosuit needs to reboot.
The current objectives and the satellite map.
Twins? Or perhaps, lazy programmers.
If you play on difficulty "Delta" you don't have a crosshair.
The sun rises.
This tree has been very bad.
There was never a game where destroying trees was more fun.
You may not seem him but there is in fact an enemy directly in my sight.
Even with reduced details, the water still looks amazing.
Cruising around in a jeep with my dead Korean friend on the MG.
I'll kill you, you evil tire!
Boom - that was one of the famous exploding barrels.
I don't think the disguise is of any use while I'm holding him.
That's what you get if you attack me!
Who needs to book an expensive vacation if you can have this at home?
Another shooter-cliché: The mandatory computer-hack.
Okay, Solid Snake did it, Gordon Freeman did it, Max Payne did it etc etc.. and now it's Nomad's turn, to blow up the pesky helicopters we all love in FPS games.
Driving a vehicle, it is possible to switch seats and there are different perspectives.
This Anti Air unit will do no more harm.
Night Vision mode
One of the planes was shot down and crashed into the mountain.
Attacking a patrol boat from the shores.
Having marked the cruiser with my binoculars, an airstrike ensues.
Different enhancements are available for each of the weapons.
Tanks are extremely powerful, but they do take damage.
Spotting a strange creature through the binoculars.
Kyong has a thirst for power.
Helena Rosenthal is one of the hostages and she needs to be rescued.
A mysterious entrance inside the meteor.
This creature is somewhat reminiscent of Predator.
Stargate ? Nope, still Crysis.
One of the most confusing parts of the game
Paradise lost - ice covers the entire island.
Every soldier inside the sphere has been frozen.
The hot vacation island just turned into a freezing inferno. It's so cold it made my visor frozen.
Attacking a flying creature with an alien weapon.
No arsenal can take this one down.