Crystal Key II: The Far Realm Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Game menu
A portal to another world
The other side of the portal
A distant view
Trail up to the market
From the market, back to the boat
A vendor in the market
Travel to parts unknown with Naoo on his spaceship.
Navigational maps become available in different areas.
Insert flowers in the "flower door" to open it. Notice your inventory is at the bottom of the screen.
Roy's spaceship is broken down in the desert.
Someone named Dr. Jakar lives in this fortress which is locked with strange combination.
Kahleena lives in a remote area.
Turning on the water results in a beautiful waterfall and gardens.
Play this flute to get into the large tree
Inside the tree, get around using buckets
Dr. Jakar doubles as both a medical doctor and a robot mechanic.
Get this "fishbot" sub working again.
Riding in the Fishbot sub.
Getri, a leader of the Meribah race inside the palace.
A corridor in the Meribah Palace.
You meet another Meribah, Folkrin.
Athera - you must free her from her prison cell.
Riding aboard a yamax.