CTU: Marine Sharpshooter Credits (Windows)

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CTU: Marine Sharpshooter Credits

Jarhead Games

Executive ProducersRuss Bullock, Bryan Ekman
Project LeaderAlan Freemantle
ProgrammingJohn Twigg, Jason Verhiel
Lead ArtistTyler Wilson
ArtistsEric T. Cheng, Ian Cumming, Jeff King, Darren Tarnoff
Additional ArtAdam Cooper, Scott Dewis, Ross Patel
Lead Level DesignerAlan Freemantle
Level DesignJeremy Blumel, Mike Forst, James Everett
Level ScriptingShawna Brown, Mike Forst
Sound and MusicBrian Youds
Voice ActingBrian Dobson, Azzam Deeb, Alexander Kalugin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Aaron A. (59)