Curious George Learns Phonics Credits

Vipah Interactive

PresidentMike Pappas
Lead EngineerRandall Sanborn
EngineerGreg Cioffi, Brian Weed
Art DirectorChris Becker
Lead AnimatorMichael Jensen
ArtistChin-Mei Yu, Doug Fakkel, Scott SanGiacomo, David Alpe
AnimatorBryan Byers, Rodney Bills

Houghton Mifflin Interactive

President & PublisherConall Ryan
Executive ProducerRosemary Mylod
Audio ProducerYuka Sugiura
Assistant ProducerMike Tapply
Director, Technical ServicesWinston Chou
Technical SupportMark Millman, Toby Plewak
Life SaverKaren Porter
TesterDavid Aten
VP, MarketingValerie Rice
Product MarketingAnne Hoyt
PackagingKathleen Brown
Channel MarketingJo Dowden
Public RelationsEnid Stepner
VP, SalesPaul Bader
National Sales Mgr.Mark Abes
International Sales Mgr.Zyg Furmaniuk
Regional Sales Mgr.Peggy Martin
Sales ManagerChristopher Petersen
VP, Finance & OperationsHilary Berkman
Helped!Jill Waggener
Helped too!Cathy Olofson

Houghton Mifflin Company School Division, Reading/Language Arts

Editorial DirectorAli Sullo
Editorial Project ManagerKitty Mead Baker, Patricia O'Buchon
Senior EditorSarah Chapman
Executive EditorDon Laurila
Senior Project EditorMichael Morley, Ruth Rose, Donna White

Houghton Mifflin Company School Division, Instructional Technology

Vice PresidentPegeen Wright
Executive ProducerJim Dalglish
Group Product ManagerSusan M. Arcuri
Quality Assurance CoordinatorCecilia Lai
Media EditorSarah Yezzi
Production AssistantMichele Park

Houghton Mifflin Company School Division, Design

Executive Design ManagerBill Gillis
Design ManagerTrisha Zembruski

Thank You!

Composer, Background MusicGene Mackles
Performer, Seals MusicPaul Lehrman
Female Voice OversSusan Picillo
Male Voice OversMichael McNally
Voice Over Recording, Mixing, EditingAudioLink
Compatibility TestingTurning Point Software
Package DesignMicroArts Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Multimedia Mike (19807)