CustomPlay Golf Credits (Windows)

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CustomPlay Golf Credits


CustomPlay Golf designed byDean Baker, Richard M. Smith
CustomPlay Golf developed byDean Baker, Richard M. Smith
Additional CodingWarren Keyes
Course Design ManagerJim Clark
Beta‑Test ManagerJim Clark
Course DesignersB.J. Weworski, Brian Silvernail, Chuck Gunsaullus, Dave Farmer, Dave Smith, Jim Dickson, Jim Swanson, Joseph J. Habiger, John Drolet, Jorgen Ekroth, Judd Markle, Kenneth A. McHale, Mike Hood, Scott Antes, Stephen Faupel, Will Crump IV
Consultant Golf ProMike Jones
Beta TestersAdriann Maarschalk, Andrew Black, Andrew Cray, Andrew Eastley, Andrew Jones, Andrew Madge, Andrew Phillips, Andy Raeside, Anthony Thompson, Art Patschek, Bill Cocking, Brian Robertson, Brian Zager, Chris Gormley, Craig Legge, Dale Fowler, Dave Craven, Dan Olsen, Daz Web, Dexter Gresh, Diego Henriquez, Douglas Brown, Drew Collins, Elliot Clarke, George Drew, George Firth, Grant Morrison, Greg Masters, Henry Douglas, Jack Russell, Jason Rhodes, Jeff Jarvis, Jerry Garlisch, Jim Bacon, Jim Black, Jim Brindle, JK Bales, Joey Hall, John Daddyo, John Hampton (Jr.), Keith Hines, Ken Adams, Kevin Farnworth, Kevin Watson, Lowell Reese, Marc Allan Don, Mark Fraser, Mark Williams, Melvin Henry, Michael Seepc, Michael Robertson, Mick Depear, Mick Prendergast, Mark Ranich, Mike Day, Mike Giblock, Mike Malnar, Mike Nicely, Mike Trendocher, Patrick Walker, Paul Barkholz, Paul Joseph, Paul O'Brian, Pete Johnson, Peter Hooper, Ray Hines, Reade J. Muncy, Richard Powell, Rick Attrill, Rick Priebe, Rick Taylor, Rick Wilson, Rob Moates, Roger Hazelton, Ron Schindel, Sam McClanahan, Scott Malis, Shawn Quigley, Simon Moss, Steve Richardson, Steve Stein, Thomas Moran, Tim Scott, Tim Butts, Thomas Rockwell
ArtworkStuart Short, Dairmaid O'Connor, Michael Rutter, Jacqui Wright, Idea Studios []
SpeedTreeKevin Meredith, everyone at IDV inc. []
Sound EffectsDavid Dowsett
MusicNathan McCree, McCree Music []
Motion CaptureMick and everyone at AudioMotion [], Neil Rowlands
QAJack Fellows, Tom Owen
WebsiteRussell Docking
LegalMichael J. Culley, Dean Sheehan, Loosemores Solicitors []
FinanceTim Powell, Kevin Caley, everyone at the Concepts Fund, Jayne Morris, Rex Bird, Karen Stokes, Peter Tomlinson, Dave Edmonds, everyone at Advantage Creative Fund West Midlands []
AccountantsSimon Hodgins, everyone at Edwards; Pearsons and White []
Special ThanksAlison, Amy, Buffers, Hazel, Ben, Richard Shepherd, Jemma, Harvey, Sandra, Phil Blake, Darren, Rob, Heidi, John, Ange, Ellie, Kieran, Fiona Amanda, Pete O'Donnell, DeanT, Nav, Tim O'Connell, Nigel Davis, Last but not least all our families and friends who put up with us for the last two years
Published byFusion Labs Ltd
DirectorsAndy Law, Martin Monnickendam, Leonard Harding
PRDene Landucci
PackagingChas Hodges, Chameleon Studios []
In loving memory ofJim Clark

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