Cybernoid II Credits (Windows)

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Cybernoid II Credits


Original game byRaffaele Cecco
Original graphics byHugh Binns
Original music (Spectrum) byJ. Dave Rogers
Original music (Commodore 64) byJeroen Tel
Remake programming byGraham Goring
Remake graphics byJohn Blythe
Remake level design and building byRussel Hoy
All remake original and remixed music byWill Morton
This game was written in the excellent Blitz Basic ( which was itself written byMark Sibly
The game also makes use ofTerabit's Pak routines to store most of the files in one tidy location and to stop nosey peeps from nicking the graphics without going to a bit of trouble. Get the routines by visiting, Lee Page, website - - if you're interested.
Testing was carried out bythose staunch fellows of Retrospec, thanks in particular go to, Russel Hoy (for finding a few bugs and suggesting the expansion), John Blythe (for getting me to put in joypad control and finding a few other bugs), Dan Condon (for complaining about the difficulty and making me see sense about letting the player start on any previously reached level), Neil Walker (for making me put in the previous/next weapon buttons in the keyboard controls because he can't remember 7 numbers. ;)
ThanksRaffaele Cecco, Hugh Binns, for writing the original game., Russel Hoy (for letting me steal the project from him and then staying on to help with it. :), John Blythe (for the cracking graphics and the nice new rendered title screen), Will Morton (for the great remix and the lovely atmospheric in-game piece), Mark Sibly (for writing Blitz BASIC in the first place), Lee Page (for his PAK routines), And all the rest of my Retrospec chums for their critiques and moaning. Aw, hell, I better name-check them or they'll just moan like ninnies..., Dan Condon-Jones (For seeing sense and embracing BB2D), Neil Walker (For being our Web Guru and spending all his time tinkering with the site instead of pulling his finger out his arse and writing a game. ;), Matthew Smith (For not being more narked at me due to my consistent failure), Richard Jordan (For being one of our founding fathers producing the best damn remake ever and in doing so indirectly getting me my job), Jeff Braine (For having more screws loose than my self-assembled wardrobe.), Peter Jovovich (For returning to the fold once more after many months in), Myke Pickstock (For staying in the wilderness. ;), John Dow (For being an incredibly prolific founder member and providing the webspace at the start), Ignacio Pérez Gil (For being a lovely bald Spaniard and in many ways initiating the approaching wave of isometric games from Retrospec), Tomaz Kac (For his even lovelier - sorry Ignacio! - isometric engine which may well lead to a well-loved pair of secret agents returning after a long absence), Bill Harbison (For joining us recently and putting us all to shame with his commercial quality graphics. The big sod! :)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80155)