CyberStrike 2 Credits (Windows)

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CyberStrike 2 Credits


Lead ArtistDok Whitson
Cinematic ArtistShaun Johnston, Evan Sampson, Ian Segal, Maria DelCasino, Kevin Lydy


ProducerJohn Donham
Lead DesignBen Hanson
Lead ProgrammingJohn W. Ratcliff
DesignJohn Donham, Gregory D. Hammond, David Whatley
ProgrammingBryan Files, Oren Golan, David Metzener, Curt Regentin, Trent Tobler, David Whatley
Graphics / ArtworkCurtis Cannell, Jeff Dobson, Gregory D. Hammond, Michael Hovland, Jason Webb, David Whatley
Level / Scenario DesignDavid Dean, John Donham, Ben Hanson, Roger Johnston
Acting / VoiceoversMike Burger, Cindy Cuiza, Jeff Gatlin (technician), Maggie McHugh, Tori Meyer (coordinator), Michael Smith, Jonathan Stone
UncreditedDavid Dean (Voice), Susan Dodd (Voice and Lead Testing), Bruce Ferguson (Voice), Jeff Gatlin (Voice), Gregory D. Hammond (Voice), Derek Sanderson (Voice), Stephanie Shaver (Voice)
Special Thanks ToAndy Finkenstadt, Susan Kath, Starr Mahoney, Michelle Montano, Tamma Speraneo, Stephanie Shaver, Brandon Weisner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Froech (26) and Shaun Johnston (85)