Cycling Manager Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Screen shots taken fro a demo version of the game. This is just before the start of the race.
The three buttons in the top left allow the player to zoom in and out of the race map in the top pane. This game has no labels on it's controls, text appears in the blue bar at the bottom
They're off. A race can take 30 minutes or more in real time so having controls to speed it up, which the cursor is now pointing to, is essential.
By clicking on the checkpoint markers the player can look ahead to see what's happening there. In this case the answer is not a lot.
The selected cyclist has a triangle above them. The player can select any cyclist in the race by clicking on them, or they can select specific cyclists from the menu on the right.
P Tonkov has been selected. The icons in the window toggle making a sprint, an attack, automatic mode, joining a relay, and switch between displaying displaying heart rate & speed
The player can view rankings during the game
The cyclist Tonkov has been instructed to mount an attack and he's now in the lead. On the overall individual points ranking he's still mid-table though
The main pack has caught up with former race leader Tonkov. The selected cyclist stays in the centre of the screen and it's odd to see them appear to go backwards when caught
Further into the race and the markers on the race map at the top of the screen show that the pack has split up.
Every so often the game displays messages like this that I do not understand because thry're in Italian.
Passing through a checkpoint.
More messages. This time they're in English but I don't know enough about managing a race team to understand them. There's no help text in the demo version
The race is over now but it continues until the last cyclist has passed the finishing post. The pack is well and truly fragmented with six groups / cyclists still to finish
Shortly after the last player finishes the game displays the winners and there's lots of them. This is the first followed bu Overall Individual Time, Best Climber, Overall Individual points, etc