Daemonica Credits (Windows)

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Daemonica Credits

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ProductionLukáš Macura, Marek Nepožitek
Script & DialogsAleš Ulm
Lead GraphicsKarel Šamonil
GraphicsMarek Nepožitek, Erik Codl, Vojtech Pecka
DesignMarek Nepožitek, Erik Codl, Vojtech Pecka
ProgrammingAleš Ulm, Lukáš Macura, Timo Stark, Vlastimil Votruba
MusicMartin Linda
Beta TestPavel Tůma, Petr Vesely, Ales Maly
SoundStudio Hradek
VoicesDavid Sucharipa
ThanksMultiscan s.r.o., A.U.T.V. s.r.o., Kamil Bednar, Thomas Oppl
Special thanksMilos Fryba


Sales DirectorAndrew Sher
Marketing DirectorSteven Milburn
Production DirectorJeff Giasson
North American VoicesRichard Rosenblum, Becky Singer
LocalizationSheila Moody, Chrstine Wilson
Web MasterSam Sabra, Nizar Sabra
TesterSpencer Adams, Savannah Alexis
Special thanksStan Lechien, Braeden Giasson, Connor Milburn, Jordyn Giasson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76526)