Danger Angel: Ijō Shinka Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Zeus has a nice place. Damn this guy...
Pre-rendered animation: Anduke
Anduke is free!
Anduke needs clothes...
...but this is much more urgent :)
Julisse appears to Anduke, but all he notices is her... erm... revealing clothes. Actually, I would, too! :)
Anduke is asleep
Character screen. Groovy clothes!
Anduke decides to convert
Still cut scene: dinner :)
The events 100 years ago
Meanwhile, the demons are having their own evil plans...
The graphics are detailed and beautiful
Ahh, finally fresh air...
That's the world map. Very simple
Capital city
Armor shop
Julisse gives Anduke a taste of what he could get if he does what she says :)
Bartender! Gimme... hic!... some... hic!.. tomato jiuce
Palace entrance
Exploring the palace
Random battle
Game Over...
Basement dungeon... like in Dangel, the dungeons here are pretty complex