The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and Main Menu
Selecting the gameplay mode (easy or hard)
Geron starts the game with his face in the mud
Talking to Gwinnling
Geron close-up
The current task is stated in a diary
At the market
Talking with Hilda the trader
Seer burned down by a crowd in Geron's numerous flashbacks
Looking for a fairy in the forest
Meeting Nuri the fairy
Something's wrong in your housing. Blood drops on the floor. Nuri is the guest.
Talking to a badly injuired Gwinnling
The crowd is mad about Nuri.
Meeting the gypsy on your way to the fairy scholar
On the border
Talking with Raven. It seems that he wants to help.
Near the Orc shaman
The imp on the tree knows about the secret entrance. But he does not want to tell.
Talking to the imp
Separated from Nuri by the gap
Talking with Jacomo the fairy scholar
Animations show the travel between locations.
Obtaining the achievement for reaching the town
Nuri is relaxing in the bath with a young guy
Clue to the secret pirates' slang
Stealing the prism from the pirate captain
On the way to the mysterious Fanglari land
Distracting the eye that can petrify the beings.
Trying to open the gate to fairy land
Crystals and pictures may open the ways and change the seasons.
This room can be manipulated. Currently you need the apple.
In the fairy queen's chamber
Meeting the fairy queen's sister
Audience with the king Efferdan
Finding the secret entrance in the academy of magic
Dark beings are on Geron's way
Distracting the crows with meat
A dark being attacks Geron.
Geron finally finds Nuri. The Harp is controlling her. She needs to be set free.