The Dark Eye: Drakensang Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Talent Tree
Character Creation - The game offers numerous character classes. Each class has a sub-class focusing on different skills.
Spell book
Weapon skills
Walking through the wonderful landscape.
Every useable item has a context menu. Here I could perform "Herbalism".
Talking to a very strange guy and a very hot woman.
Trading with a trader.
Listening in to a dialogue.
The quest book fills up quickly.
The map of the current zone.
Learning new skills from a trainer.
Killing a bunch of wolves. Sadly Sicarius died during the encounter.
If you want, you can see every die-roll made by the game.
Sensed a trap.
Family picture with drunk
Family picture with fire
Family picture while getting cooked
Extended family picture
First contact with a master mage. Seriously!
How's that for a Captain of the Guard?
Dead undead...
Sneaking around
Poor pig, dumb pig
Somehow I doubt it...
Did anyone call pest control?
On the way to the dragon
Isn't he helpful?
Decapitated dead dragon
The house of a dragonslayer
Perhaps an unusual take on female dwarves
Female dwarf priest
Fair enough...
It's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it...
Mandatory lava level
Ready for battle
Are you so sure you still want anything hot, Dranor?
Armor of Fire
Battle scene with console open. Also Forgrimm doing insane damage!